Go Organic

About us


The company Go Organic, Lda has its headquarters in Herdade dos Cuncos do Meio, located in Silveiras – Montemor-o-Novo.

The creation of Go Organic is related to obtaining new strategies of pig production in an extensive way. The production of pigs in organic production currently represents the core business of the company. The production of other pigs, such as the Alentejo pig, is one of the secondary activities, also in line with the company’s philosophy, which bases its production on high levels of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

The company’s current range of action is distributed between two farms: Herdade da Barrosinha in Alcácer do Sal (Organic Pig Production) and Herdade de Picões e Aravia in Almadafe-Casa Branca (Iberian / Alentejo Pig Production).

Our mission


The challenge of returning animal production to its natural habitat through the creation of fully extensive production systems represents Go Organic’s main mission.

Go Organic’s production units are characterised by maximum respect for inhabited ecosystems through high levels of animal welfare and sustainability. The integration of production chains of Organic Certification, the absence of antibiotics, transgenic food and mutilations in animals are elements that differentiate our production.

In this way, Go Organic intends to become a reference for organic and extensive farming, offering the highest quality through a healthier and more differentiated meat.

We are the one and only right partner for your business expansion, in every level of comercialization, since the live animal to the processed products



The transparency of Go Organic’s production chain is representative of the honesty applied in the daily life of our farms.

In this way, we demonstrate and guarantee consumer confidence.

Our form of production guarantees a sustainable mission for the environment, achieving a healthier final product.