Bio Farm



Go Organic’s entire production chain is governed by European Regulations for Organic Farm Production.

The monitoring and certification of entities allows a total traceability of our production system.

All activities related to the production chain, such as obtaining raw materials, animal origin, farm size and slaughter process are duly documented and certified.



Go Organic is committed to an eco-friendly attitude towards the environment. The use of renewable energy gives total independence to energy and fuel expenses.

These solutions extend to the water network of the occupied hectares, as well as to the facilities and houses that make up the production units.

Solutions are also implemented for a balanced grazing by the animals through the practice of fallow periods with a view to the growth of fresh grass and fallowing of the facilities.

Animal Welfare


Go Organic animals are free from mutilations such as tail-docking, tooth filing and the use of clamps.

Access to straw bedding and natural shade areas provide high levels of animal welfare leading to no use of antibiotics. On average each animal has 1000m² of space, an area 1000 times greater when compared to conventional pig farming.

Parking in low density groups allows for reduced competition leading to reduced levels of stress. Through sustainability measures such as set-aside periods, access to fresh grass in parks is possible throughout the year.

In this way we return the animals to their nature!